TiAL GT Turbochargers
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Product Details

Our GT line of turbochargers are a 100% direct replacement for the OEM KKK turbos. There is no need for any special header or exhaust fabrication to install our turbos. Any aftermarket exhaust the works with the stock turbos will bolt directly on to our turbos. The idea of a true bolt on Garrett turbocharger for the 996TT began in 2002 and EVOMS worked with TiAL to create this ultimate turbo. At that time we modified the OEM KKK turbo housings and installed Garrett impellers and CHRA’s to create our GT turbos. We built nearly 200 sets of turbos with that process before having an exhaust housing manufactured by TiAL, which eliminated the need to modify the OEM turbos. Today with the release of our TiAL Alpha V3 series GT Quickspool housings, the need for cores and the lengthy process of converting OEM turbos is over. Our new turbine housings have further improved our already phenomenal GT turbochargers, which have set the standard for the 996TT.

A major factor to consider when upgrading to our larger GT turbos are the associated engine components. Adding a pair of our high flow turbochargers can be a waste of time and money if the other associated engine components are not optimized. Additionally, adding our GT turbochargers will require precise ECU tuning in order to safely optimize power and performance. We have spent years developing complete "Engine Performance Systems" that utilize our larger GT turbos and optimize engine performance. Check out our "Engine Performance Systems" to learn more about our tuning philosophy and how our larger GT turbochargers can be utilized and optimized to achieve the greatest performance results.

Our CAD engineered and “Patented” TiAL turbo exhaust housing features new technology that sets the standard for all turbochargers. The key feature is a divided exhaust discharge housing, which separates the turbine exhaust gasses from the wastegate discharge gasses. This divided housing reduces exhaust discharge turbulence and improves wastegate regulation. This design also helps improve turbine exhaust velocity which helps produce boost sooner and helps to make the overall turbocharger much more efficient. A broader, more linear delivery of power is achieved which translates into a flatter torque curve. There are no other bolt on turbochargers available for the 996TT that can perform like our direct replacement GT turbos. We build 3 different configurations utilizing 2 different sized exhaust housings for optimized power and efficiency. Our turbochargers are designed for specific applications to support airflow ranging from 610 HP to over 1,000 HP.


2 Ball Bearing Turbochargers

Water Line Cooling Kit

All Gaskets, New Nuts, Studs and Locking Tab Washers


CAD Designed "Patented" Exhaust Housing with Split Exhaust Discharge

Utilizes Garrett GT Ball Bearing Series CHRA for Unmatched Airflow and Performance

CNC Machined Billet Compressor Wheel

CNC Machined Billet Wastegate Mount with Garrett 1.0 Bar Wastegates

Unmatched Turbo Boost Response and Linear Power Delivery

Developed for Engines Producing Between 610-1,000 HP

100% Bolt On

Turbocharger Power Levels:

Alpha28: 610-775 HP

Alpha3071R: 800-950 HP

Alpha3076R: 850-1,000+ HP