Shark Werks 991 and 991.2 GT3 / RS Bypass Exhaust

The new Shark Werks 991 GT3/RS Sport Exhaust dramatically improves the sound of any 991 GT3 or GT3RS or 991.2 GT3.

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The new Shark Werks 991 GT3/RS Sport Exhaust dramatically improves the sound of any 991 GT3 or GT3RS or 991.2 GT3.

Much like previous GT3 models, the 991 version is just a tad too docile
in stock form. This is in large part due to the strict sound-level
restrictions in Europe and hence the factory deemed fit to equip these
cars with a total of three mufflers again. With our Muffler Bypass
System we believe we have addressed that and not only uncorked the beast
that is the GT3 motor but also reduced a real 16 pounds off of the rear
end in the process. This has been achieved without sacrificing the
drivability or diminishing the aesthetics. Installation can be performed
in around an hour without any rear bumper removal.

3-D CAD designed with optimal flow, fit, weight savings and sound
enhancement, our system replaces the center muffler on any 991 GT3. By
utilizing appropriately-sized diameter tubing and straightening out the
flow we achieved our desired sound and minimized resonance. Our direct
bolt-on exhaust installs into the factory location without any
modification or compromise and is completely reversible.

Although we do not guarantee or make any crude horse power claims (let’s
face it Porsche did a wonderful job already on this one) we can assure
you that you have not likely heard a GT3 sound like this before. By
retaining and re-using the stock side mufflers and valves you are also
able to continue to use the factory "sport button" valve feature to
open/close and send the exhaust gases through the sides for a similar to
stock sound when you want to cruise and be akin to st
ock or then bypass
the sides for a more exotic sound.

As with all previous Shark Werks exhausts this system is 50-state
emissions compliant but also does not cause any check engine lights (MIL
Codes) as it is designed to continue to operate with the factory
catalyst and emissions equipment.

Designed and crafted in Northern California, the Shark Werks exhaust
utilizes stainless- 18 gauge T304 tungsten inert gas welded stainless
steel with mandrel bends and factory equivalent hardware.

* Optional black ceramic "Hot" coating is available for additional cost
($230), please specify when ordering if you would like the unit black
instead of raw.


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- Designed in-house and manufactured in Northern California

- Improved, more aggressive sporty sound (see videos below)

- Does not interfere with SMOG emissions and 50 state legal

- Factory headers, catalysts side mufflers and valves retained

- 3-D CAD designed factory fit direct bolt-on replacing factory side exhausts

- Direct bolt-on replacing factory center muffler

- Compatible with either the stock or aftermarket tips

- Use your “sport” button to divert routing to switch from flowing through the side mufflers to a direct “bypassed” flow

- Use the non-sport mode to allow flow through the side mufflers for
minimal additional interior noise and highway or daily driving.

- Real 16 pound weight savings (stock muffler weighs 20 pounds total) from the rear of the car

- 18 gauge T304 tungsten inert gas welded stainless steel

- "Loud Mode" Kit included which allows full opening of the side
mufflers' sport valves, eliminating the loud-quiet-loud transition on
acceleration from low speeds

For a more "racey" look optional 100mm tips (also available in raw stainless steel). Fits 991 GT3 and GT3RS models.

991 GT3 RS Independent Dyno*:

* Note : Shark Werks does not make claims or guarantees that this
product increases horsepower, but independent dynos have consistently
shown no decrease in horsepower or torque, and have shown small gains in
both in the upper RPM ranges.