EVOMS Lightweight Underdrive Power Pulley
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Product Details

The Evolution MotorSports ClubSport underdrive, lightweight and strengthened crank pulley is designed to surpass the quality and technical specifications of the original as well as the upgraded GT3 crank pulleys. EVOMS engineers modeled the basic design of our upgraded turbo pulley from the latest generation OEM billet aluminum GT3 pulley, which is standard on the 2010, 3.8L GT3. When testing the OEM aluminum GT3 pulley, we found that the design was better than the OEM turbo steel pulley; however, there were many ways to improve it. Through our extensive theoretical (FEA) testing in SolidWorks, as well as in real world performance tests, EVOMS Engineers created an upgraded pulley that outperforms all of the OEM GT3 pulleys and has features that drastically improve the overall strength / durability and is suited for any higher performance 996TT/997TT/GT2.


Developed by EVOMS engineers using state of the art SolidWorks CAD software 
• Tested and validated by EVOMS engineers using SolidWorks - Design Validation Software 
• Real world tested on a wide range of vehicles: from 420 HP street cars to 1000 HP race cars @ 9000 RPMS 
• CNC Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum (OEM pulley is steel) 
• Anodized black to preserve / seal the aluminum and retain an OEM appearance 
• Reduced rotating weight: EVOMS CS pulley is ~75% lighter than the OEM steel pulley 
• 50% more surface area where the pulley mates with the snout of the crankshaft (See photo below) 
• Underdrives the engine accessories at the OEM specified range. ~15% (Same as the OEM GT3/RS) 
• Incorporates machined OEM timing marks on the pulley 
• Balanced within less than .1 gram 
• Lifetime warranty – Original purchaser


The Evolution MotorSports ClubSport crank pulley upgrade is almost 75% lighter (220g vs. 860g) than the stock steel pulley. The reduction of weight improves throttle response and overall engine performance. The EVOMS pulley is also slightly smaller (same size as the OEM GT3 pulley) which under drives the accessories, thus reduces parasitic drag and further improves engine efficiency. 

The critical feature of our crank pulley is the increased surface area where the pulley mounts to the crankshaft. Our design increases this mounting area by more than two times which distributes the contact load of the pulley over a larger area and eliminates the possibility of the pulley spinning loose, even at higher than stock RPM levels. Finally, the EVOMS CNC machined billet aluminum pulley looks and performs like one would expect to find on Porsche’s flagship turbo vehicle.