EVOMS Diverter Valves (90 Deg)
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Product Details

Our direct replacement diverter valve pair will eliminate the notorious "honking" sound commonly heard when the OEM valves have failed. Our valves will restore lost power and will hold more boost pressure than the stock units for added performance. In addition, they recover quicker than the OEM valves which allows for better spool after shifts. We designed our valves with a 90 degree vacuum port which allows for additional vacuum line clearance and a trouble free installation. The EVOMS Billet Diverter Valves for the 996TT / X50 / GT2 / Turbo S come as a complete kit and they carry our exclusive lifetime warranty.




Engineered out of Billet Aluminum
Stiffer Spring to Allow for More Boost Pressure
Successfully Tested over 1,000 Horsepower
Cheap Insurance for all Cars Ranging from Stock to Over 1,000 Horsepower
Available in Black Only
Lifetime Warranty