Dual-Mode Chip Switching
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Product Details

Evolution MotorSports – Intelligent Tuning introduces a true “Dual Mode” chip switching module for the late model Porsche applications. Since our customers demand unrivaled performance and complete flexibility, our “intelligent” switching module allows the full performance potential to be unlocked with convenience. Now our customers can choose 2 different performance modes depending on their desired power level, fuel octane level and performance modifications. Our chip switching module installs inside the ECU and utilizes 2 different EPROM’s that can be accessed from a simple “a/b” switch mounted in the cabin. Since our intelligent system utilizes 2 different datasets, it’s like having 2 ECU’s with a push of a button.

•    Intelligent switching for on the fly operation 
•    Maximized performance depending on fuel octane level 
•    Eliminates the need for a spare “Race” or “Stock” ECU 
•    Can be programmed for a wide variety of custom applications

Live switching capabilities 
-100% stock and performance (91 or 93 octane programs) 
-91 octane performance and race performance
-93 octane performance and race performance
-91 octane performance and 93 octane performance
-Programs for virtually any different performance criteria
-Race software features an increased idle speed for easy identification between sport and race modes
Twin EPROM’s allow for 2 completely different software calibration